Best in Class Account Manager Nominations 2017

Best in Class Account Manager Nominations 2017

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Account managers play an important role in facilitating pharmaceutical firms' relationships with key accounts. It is critical that account managers continue to meet customer needs and expectations in an evolving and complex managed care environment. HIRC's Best in Class Account Manager Customer Insights report addresses the following questions:

  • Which very large, large, and medium size firms' account managers receive the most best in class nominations?
  • ​Which account manager attributes operationally define the best in class? 
  • ​​How do managed markets customers expect the role of the account manager to evolve? Which key issues should account managers be prepared to discuss in 2017 from the customer's perspective?

Key Finding: Managed markets panelists expect account managers to become more focused on (1) creating collaborations and partnerships, and (2) customers' strategic priorities.

Account Managers from Pfizer are Most Frequently Nominated as Best in Class. HIRC queried 94 key decision makers to learn which pharmaceutical firms' account managers are best in meeting customer needs. Commercial health plan pharmacy and medical directors, as well as pharmacy benefit manager executives were asked to nominate the best account managers from very large, large, and mid-size pharmaceutical companies. Pfizer received the most best in class account manager nominations across managed markets panelists, followed by Merck.

  • Pfizer account managers are commended for excellent responsiveness and follow-up, planning and structuring effective engagements, and delivering solutions to address customers' needs.
  • Merck account managers are noted for understanding customers' goals and needs, sharing best practices, and being respectful of customers' time.

Six Factor Categories Operationally Define Best in Class Account Managers. Managed markets customers were asked to explain their rationale for best account manager nominations. Analyses reveal that their evaluations fall within six key descriptive factor categories: (1) Role Expectation, (2) Knowledge, (3) Relationship Management, (4) General Impressions, (5) Interpersonal & Social Skills, and (6) Conceptual Skills.

The best account managers are most often described as (1) knowledgeable of the customers' business model, strategic imperatives, and objectives, (2) acting as a project manager to deliver solutions addressing customers' needs, and (3) providing information such as best practices, market intelligence, and clinical insights.

The complete Best in Class Account Manager Customer Insights report includes best account manager nominations segmented by the following:

  • Commercial Health Plan Pharmacy Directors
  • Commercial Health Plan Medical Directors
  • Pharmacy Benefit Manager Decision-Makers

Research Methodology and Report Availability. In December-January, HIRC surveyed 94 key decision-makers from leading commercial health plans and pharmacy benefit managers. Online surveys and follow-up telephone interviews were used to gather information. The Best in Class Account Manager Customer Insights report is part of the Best Programs and Best People Service, and is now available to subscribers at

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