Managed Markets

2018 Research

January 2018. Assists pharmaceutical manufacturers in understanding trends in headcounts across very large, large, and mid-size firms.

2017 Research

October 2017. Examines the current contracting landscape, reviews Medicaid MCO executives' evaluation of manufacturer engagement, and identifies partnership opportunities.

October 2017. Examines the current Medicaid MCO market landscape, Medicaid executives' strategic imperatives, and top market trends.

September 2017. Examines the current contracting landscape, reviews Medicare Advantage executives' evaluation of manufacturer willingness to contract, quality of programs/resources, and level of customer-facing access to key decision makers, and identifies partnership opportunities.

August 2017. Examines the current Medicare Advantage plan market landscape, Medicare executives' strategic imperatives going forward, views on market trends with potential to disrupt the segment further, and quality improvement objectives.

April 2017. Provides pharmaceutical firms' ratings of key Commercial, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid MCO, PBM, and IDN accounts in ability to limit access and willingness to partner with manufacturers. Examines respondents' rationales driving ratings. 

April 2017. Examines the current market landscape, PBM executives' strategic imperatives going forward, and views on market trends that could impact the segment further.

March 2017. Examines the PBM contracting landscape, and PBM key decision makers' evaluation of manufacturers willingness to contract, and value of programs and resources.

April 2017. Examines the current market landscape, health plan executives' strategic imperatives going forward, and views on market trends that could impact the segment further. 

February 2017. Examines commercial health plan contracting landscape, and pharmacy and medical directors' evaluation of manufacturers willingness to contract, and value of programs and resources

Managed Markets

Research Overview

Current and emerging market trends in health care continue to impact pharmaceutical firms' key customers. For over 25 years, HIRC's Managed Markets Service has monitored the activity impacting pharmaceutical market access and has provided strategic insights for clients to engage in effective account management of key payer customers.

The service provides manufacturers a comprehensive resource to guide account planning and access strategies through its triangulated research design, utilizing a combination of primary survey data, interview insights, and in-depth secondary research.

For more information or to subscribe, contact Josh Mader via email or at (408) 884-8560.

Comprehensive Approach to Managed Markets Access

Insights from commercial pharmacy and medical directors, PBM leaders, and Medicaid MCO and Medicare executives are gathered to assess current and future market trends, customer needs and challenges, and the competitive landscape. Pharmaceutical industry leaders are also surveyed to assist in driving managed markets headcounts decisions and to assess the access and partnership landscape of key commercial and government accounts.

  • Managed Markets Headcounts and Organizational Study
  • Market: Commercial Health Plans
  • Market: Commercial PBMs
  • Market Access and Partnership Landscape for Key Accounts
  • Market: Medicare Advantage Plans 
  • Market: Medicaid MCOs

Bringing Value to Subscribers

HIRC's data and insights enable subscribers to understand and track market dynamics and trends critical to optimal product and value-added program positioning as the health care delivery market evolves. 

Through detailed analyses, key implications, and strategic recommendations from experienced HIRC researchers, subscribers to the Managed Markets Service are able to monitor and evaluate critical market trends, benchmark manufacturer contracting and resources, identify and understand managed care needs, and act upon partnership opportunities.