HIRC Services

Health Industries Research Center (HIRC) is a leading market research firm serving the pharmaceutical industry since 1990.

Market insights professionals, account managers, and marketing and market access executives will find HIRC reports invaluable for providing summaries of the current trends that shape their businesses. Through extensive surveys and one-on-one interviews with health care executives, HIRC provides strategic insights that pharmaceutical companies need to develop successful marketing plans.

HIRC offers syndicated market research in the following five areas, and custom research by request. Syndicated service subscriptions include: 

  • Access to PDF publications online via a customized client portal, and access to PowerPoint presentations by request
  • Regular access to dedicated HIRC client consultant, including WebEx and onsite visits to review key findings with presentations customized to the company's priorities and business needs
  • Opportunity to collaborate with HIRC researchers and incorporate suggestions into future research


Managed Markets

For 25 years, HIRC's Managed Markets Service has provided clients the ability to monitor the market activity impacting access and channel management within key payer accounts. 

Contact Mr. Josh Mader, VP Research at (408) 884-8560.

Organized Providers

Examines the environmental trends impacting health care delivery and assesses how increased provider accountability will continue to impact pharmaceutical market access. HIRC's research with integrated delivery networks (IDNs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and large multispecialty medical groups provides market insights and metrics and to assist pharmaceutical firms in developing access strategies and quality value-added programs.

Contact Ms. Karen Ernst, Research Director, at (610) 888-9417.

Best Programs & Best People

Provides strategic and tactical information to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in maximizing the impact of their account managers, medical science liaisons, and value-added marketing programs. The service provides insights into the skills and attributes critical to account manager and medical science liaison success, as well as guidance for the development and implementation of support resources that meet customers' evolving needs.    

Contact Ms. Lisa Nafra, Research Director at (408) 884-8560.

Specialty Pharmaceuticals

Monitors commercial payer management of specialty medication costs and utilization and examines the specialty pharmacy provider market and channel distribution trends. Benchmarks manufacturers and 50+ specialty brands across ten high profile specialty therapeutic classes.  

Contact Ms. Danielle Snook, Research Director, at (408) 884-8560.

Managed Oncology

Monitors commercial payer and Medicare Advantage plans' management of oncology medication costs and utilization. Examines oncology provider needs, challenges, and perspectives of the reimbursement environment. Benchmarks manufacturers and 50+ oncology brands across ten high profile cancer types.  

Contact Mr. Raymond Co, Research Director, at (714) 423-9232.