Organized Providers

2017 Research

April 2017. Examines the IDN market landscape, including size and scope, recent trends and activity, the prevalence of system-led health plans and ACO participation. Reviews the status of value-based payment reform and provides IDNs' most urgent strategic imperatives and operational objectives to address in 2017.

March 2017. Examines IDNs' key clinical and quality activities to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Reviews IDN quality measures, objectives by disease state, and challenges. Reports IDN population health management capabilities, pharmacy services, and pursuits in prescription medication management. 

February 2017. Examines IDN decision-makers' nominations for overall manufacturer "Partner of Choice," as well as benchmark ratings of ~30 manufacturers in value of programs and quality of account management personnel. Reviews the current direct contracting landscape and identifies opportunities for partnership. 

2016 Research

November 2016. Reviews medical group decision-makers' evaluation of manufacturer engagement by examing overall "Partner of Choice" nominations and benchmark ratings for account support personnel, reimbursement support services, and value of programs and resources. Identifies opportunities for partnership.

November 2016. Examines recent market activity, medical groups' strategic imperatives and the status of value-based reimbursement, and the quality and clinical activities that could impact pharmaceutical market access now and in the future.

August 2016. Review's ACO decision-makers ratings of pharmaceutical manufacturers in account management support personnel and value of programs and resources. Identifies opportunities for partnership. 

August 2016. Covers the spectrum of commercial insurer-driven and Medicare ACOs, examining recent market activity, payment models and risk, ACOs' strategic imperatives and quality improvement priorities, and prescription medication management. 

Organized Providers

Research Overview

The Organized Providers Service examines the environmental trends impacting health care delivery, focusing on how increased provider accountability and value-based reimbursement will impact pharmaceutical market access.

HIRC's research with integrated delivery networks (IDNs), accountable care organizations (ACOs), and large multispecialty medical groups provides market insights and metrics to assist pharmaceutical firms in developing access strategies and quality value-added programs.

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Comprehensive Approach Across Market Segments

HIRC's organized provider research focuses on integrated delivery networks, accountable care organizations, and large multispecialty medical groups. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, HIRC includes the perspectives of executive leadership, pharmacy directors, and medical directors for a comprehensive review of issues impacting market access. Quality measurement, population health, and prescription medication management strategies are examined, in addition to manufacturer engagement and support.

  • Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs)
  • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Large Multispecialty Medical Groups

Bringing Value to Subscribers

HIRC's data and insights enable subscribers to understand and track market dynamics and trends critical to optimal product and value-added program positioning as the health care delivery market evolves. 

Through detailed analyses, key implications, and strategic recommendations from experienced HIRC researchers, subscribers to the Organized Providers Service are able to monitor and evaluate critical market trends, understand the role of organized providers in product access and utilization, benchmark manufacturer support, and act upon partnership opportunities.